Thursday, August 11, 2011

If they cheated then, what are they going to do NOW?

Three North Carolina Democrats Admit Voting Twice For Obama

By Matthew Boyle

Three Wake County, North Carolina, Democrats have admitted to voter fraud charges, according to local news reports.

Kierra Fontae Leache, Shelia Romona Hodges and Brandon Earl Mclean each admitted to casting two ballots in recent elections. Local reports indicate all three voted for President Barack Obama twice in 2008.

According to ABC News Channel 11 in Raleigh-Durham,  authorities have placed the three on $10,000 bonds.

The North Carolina Republican Party says this kind of fraudulent voter behavior is why the state needs a voter ID  law. In July, Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue vetoed state Republicans’ latest attempt at instituting such a law, calling it an “obstacle” to constitutional principles.

“The reason why Republicans have fought to promote proper voter-identification laws is to prevent fraud like this from happening,” NCGOP chair Robin Hayes said in a statement. “While Republicans are fighting to protect the integrity of our democracy, Governor Perdue’s veto fights to protect criminality in our election process. I know she embraces her ‘fighter’ image, but it’s clear that the only thing she fights for is fraud.”...