Saturday, August 20, 2011

The eternal choice.

The Dilemma

By Froggy

Today, I finally got it about the Jews. My mental disconnect ended and I realized their eternal dilemma. I mean, these people have been beset with various nations and groups trying to assassinate them for centuries. And, now, they are being pushed to the edge of having to guard their own survival (no less because no one else will).

However, they do not want to be genocidal themselves. It's abhorrent to them; they are too moral a people. It's not just a matter of it having been done continually to them.

I finally understand because I am at the point where I am done. My tolerance is gone. I despise the muslims and wish they were removed from the face of the earth--and I am so far gone it is only in some moments that I feel badly about this. I can just imagine how the Israelis feel. Living next door to people who want nothing more than your death, ones who call you apes and pigs. Living down the street from an Iranian madman who says he wants nuclear bombs with which to do it with even more dispatch.

Then, the Jews, thinking of Hitler--and having him forever imprinted on their collective memory and wanting SO badly to never be equated with him--and, yet, having to make sure they endure and that maybe they cannot do that without taking out a large swath. That conundrum is surely the definition of hell: to be genocidal or exterminated yourself.

You see, I've never quite understood why Israel has not done more to defend itself (though I do understand the United States has had a hand in this, wanting 'stability' in the middle east...) Instead, I think this forever-dilemma has more to do with it, sometimes.

Fortunately, Ahmadinejad may make the question moot (and the mullahs, understanding these issues more closely, might be what is making him unchampioned in Iran). He is playing a fools game because, of all the people on earth that would be willing to believe a people are really trying to kill them, it would be the Jews. Ahmadinejad does not understand this; they are quite serious, and one bad move on his part will give them the justification they currently may not feel they have.

They've had it for years.


Too many of both.

Male Rape
By Susan Estrich
"None," the police officer in charge reported to my student. That was the answer to how many instances of rape of males and boys had been reported in the city (it happened to be Boston, where I was teaching at the time) in the previous year.

We need more men on our team. We need to bring male rape into the 21st century. None was never the true answer. It certainly isn't today. What none means is that serious criminals are getting away with rape, and boys and men are suffering the stigma of shame along with the pain and anguish of brutalization. And they still are...

More Vicious Than Rape



I don't exactly consider myself a feminist, but this is an issue about which I can easily get enraged. The above-mentioned article talks about male rape (and I have included the link to Susan Estrich's article because I printed some lines from it.)

However, the more relevant article is the one below it titled "More Vicious Than Rape". Yes, it's gawdawful. However, it's important that you read it because it provides an important perspective. Women all over the world are being used for terrible sexual purposes.

Either as weapons in war, or by having their genitals scraped away with broken glass or rusty metal--with no anesthesia--by the muslims (when they are not having acid thrown in their faces, or burned in suttee, or as victims of an 'honor killing'--or just a thrown away fetus because the family prefers boys), woman are treated like garbage all over the world. This must be addressed before we even get to the subject of male rape.

Not only are the numbers so entirely disproportionate, but the size and strength differential of men vs. women is enormous. In so many societies, woman also have no social power with which to deal with this--many times not even literacy. At least, with a man--where so many these rapes happen to men who have landed in prison--a relatively fair fight could be had, one-on-one.

With woman, she often must face a foe who weighs a hundred pounds more than she does and is much stronger--someone who has the power of the courts on his side. Men that rape women are deliberately picking on someone weaker and smaller than themselves--and it's time someone got serious about it.

And who is it that must get serious about it? It's the MEN. I have never heard a man speak out against the rape of women. Never.

In all my 53 years, never have I heard one man bring it up. Most especially have I never heard a man speak out against it at an all-male gathering. In every single class I had in school, where the subject of violence against women was brought up, there was always a guy who jumped up--and before a single sentence could be uttered on our behalf--he'd say "well, um, well um, what about women who hit men, huh, huhh?" And then everyone would groan and the round-robin would start and the subject would be tabled--as if what he said evened things out and made them commensurate.

NOT ONE MAN EVER STOOD UP AND SAID "Raping women is wrong, it's weak, and I deplore it--and I plan to do something about it."

Even all the fine men I know on the Internet--and I know some very good ones--have never said it, either. The subject hasn't always come up, but with the spate of continual 'honor' killings, rapes, and murders of the women who are accosted by muslims, or in the Congo, or who walk around Europe uncovered, there has been plenty of opportunity for them to comment.

It is men that have the power--and men who listen to other men. Just like bull elephants are needed to keep the younger males elephants in line, it's time MEN spoke out against the rape and sexual abuse of women to other men; that may give us gals a little breathing room in which to consider how they'd feel if it happened to them.

Americans will keep throwing out incumbents until someone gets it right...

It’s All Breaking Bad For Obama
By Margaret Wente 

Barack Obama should try to enjoy his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard for as long as possible. A swaggering governor from Texas (yes, another one) is about to eat his lunch.
Until this week, next year’s election was still his to lose.

The Republicans couldn’t field a decent candidate. Michele Bachmann is too crazy. Sarah Palin has peaked. Mitt Romney, the only one who seems even slightly qualified, is as electrifying as a slab of tofu. Everyone agrees that Mr. Obama is a major disappointment. But at least he’s trying hard, and he’s likeable

Rick Perry is likeable, too. The handsome three-term governor (they call him Governor Goodhair) has swiped Mr. Obama’s rhetoric of hope. As Mr. Obama discussed the finer points of cattle manure with Midwestern farmers this week, Mr. Perry announced his run for the presidency and released a devastating campaign ad. Of all the jobs created lately in the U.S., 40 per cent of them are in Texas. On top of that, the guy looks fabulous in cowboy chaps.

The Perry-Obama race (if it turns out that way) would be a contest between two starkly different visions of how to save America. The Perry vision is to unleash the forces of private enterprise through low taxes, less regulation and dramatically smaller government. “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can,” he vows. The Obama vision (which he plans to reveal in September, as soon as his advisers can think one up) probably will involve big-government job-creation schemes dreamed up by a bunch of wise people in Washington.

Mr. Perry “occupies the cultural and intellectually empty heartland of the Republican Party,” wrote Richard Cohen, a liberal pundit, in The Washington Post. “He vows to diminish Washington’s influence – a conservative applause line but a moronic policy.”

Moronic or not, it’s a message that resonates across America. Most Americans have lost their trust in the folks in Washington. Eighty-five per cent of them think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Seventy-three per cent doubt the government can solve their economic problems – up from 41 per cent a decade ago. In their view, it’s the folks in Washington (and their reckless buddies on Wall Street) who’ve wrecked the country.

This isn’t just a Tea Party sentiment. It’s the most important theme in American politics today, and it’s a major reason why Mr. Obama got elected in the first place. It’s also the reason why he’s likely to get unelected next time. Americans will keep throwing out incumbents until someone gets it right...


Prudence: the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason...

See all of Michael Ramirez's wonderful cartoons!

An action by the Navy is virtually without precedent.

Did Kerry's Swift Boat Hatchet Man Fake His Own Silver Star?
By Scott Swett

Last August, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus revoked a Silver Star medal formerly held by retired Navy Captain Wade R. Sanders.  In a short, vague memorandum to the Chief of Naval Personnel, Mabus cited "subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself" as the reason.  Such an action by the Navy is virtually without precedent.


Kerry's most virulent supporter

Wade Sanders' name will be familiar to those who recall the political battles between John Kerry and the veterans who opposed him in 2004.  A key member of Kerry's "Band of Brothers," Sanders helped introduce his long-time friend at the Democratic National Convention.  The two men had trained together at Naval Base Coronado nearly 40 years earlier, before deploying to Vietnam to serve as Navy Swift boat officers.   Like Kerry, Sanders found time to do extensive filming in Vietnam, accumulating footage later used in Kerry's campaign film "Going Upriver."   Among Kerry's handful of highly-publicized veteran supporters, Sanders was probably the most visible -- and the most virulent.

Most of Sanders' efforts targeted the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group formed by Navy veterans who had known Kerry in Vietnam and doubted his fitness to serve as Commander-in-Chief.  While the group was being organized, Sanders was already calling and firing off messages to hundreds of former sailors, pressuring them not to sign up. 

In one email, Sanders slandered the anti-Kerry veterans as "bitter drunks."  In another, he ridiculed disabled veteran Joe Ponder as a "whining baby."  Ponder had become emotional at the initial Swift Vet press conference as he recalled his wife and daughters asking if he had participated in the "atrocities" described in Kerry's campaign biography.


Honor, integrity and sound judgment

In 2009, Wade Sanders was convicted on felony charges of possessing child pornography and sentenced to 37 months in prison, considerably less than the 63-month term Federal prosecutors had requested.  Sanders' military record and a letter of support from John Kerry may have been factors in the reduced sentence.  A San Diego news editor also wrote a letter, but later told the court that the copy Sanders submitted had been modified.

Even before the trial ended, the Navy was looking into Sanders' much ballyhooed Silver Star, which first surfaced in the early 1990's, more than 20 years after he left Vietnam. During the months that followed, Sanders relentlessly denounced Kerry's opponents as liars and Bush shills, while reviling Swift Vet spokesman John O'Neill as a student of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.  [My co-author and I would later receive the Goebbels treatment as well, when Sanders reviewed our book on the 2004 election.]

Sanders' fellow Navy veterans weren't the only targets of his venom.  He repeatedly called President Bush and others "chicken hawks" -- a vicious term used to smear non-military supporters of a war by associating them with child molesters.  He also offered the bizarre suggestion that if Kerry lost, it would mean the end of democracy in America.

After the election, Sanders continued his attacks.  He threatened to sue the non-partisan Swift Boat Sailors Association because several of its leaders had joined the Swift Vets.  In 2007, he called the latter group a "distasteful smear machine," adding, "Those of us who are real swift boaters know something about judgment and responsibility for our decisions."  He also boasted to the Boston Herald, "Yes, I am a member of Kerry's ready reserve of Swift Boat vets and unlike those who served with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and their ilk, I serve with honor, integrity and exercise sound judgment."

Read the whole disgraceful story here:

Friday, August 19, 2011

No intelligent American president would do the things Obama has done.

The Anti-American President

By Boyd Richard Boyd

Obviously something is rotten on Pennsylvania Avenue; no intelligent American president would do the things Obama has done.  There has been talk of his inexperience,  incompetence, or just plain stupidity to explain his Bizarro-administration.  However, Obama is not incompetent; he is an intelligent anti-American president.  Obama is not a failure at his job -- his job is the failure of our country.

Liberty-minded folk have several reasons why we assume another person is incompetent rather than malicious.  One reason is our belief that a person is "innocent until proven guilty"; another is the natural presumption others are similar to ourselves.  Unfortunately, these ideas have been coupled with a pair of dangerously pragmatic moral equivalencies foisted upon us all: "Who am I to judge?" and "They couldn't possibly mean that."  As long as there is any possibility that Obama is just in over his head and doesn't mean what he says and does, many will excuse him on those grounds.

Every American must judge Obama and his ideas and understand he does mean what he says, and realize there is no excuse, save one -- Barack Obama is an anti-American in thought and deed.

Obama gets dreams from his socialist father.  His mother was a fellow traveler.  Obama lived in anti-American Indonesia as a child.  Later, granddad decided Obama needed a Communist mentor.  O got into Harvard on the recommendation of anti-Semitic Khalid al Mansour, an adviser to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.  In college O chose his friends carefully -- "the more politically active black students, foreign students, Chicanos, Marxist professors and structural feminists."  As a professor he taught Marxist Saul Alinsky tactics, and as a constitutional scholar he believed that there are fundamental flaws in the Constitution, such as restraint on governmental power.  As a community organizer and counsel he pushed sub-prime mortgages which helped buckle our economy.

He's a trench-mate with voter-fraudsters ACORN and quasi-commie SEIU.  He had house parties and sat on boards with an unrepentant, revolutionary communist, who probably ghostwrote one of O's autobiographies.  He attended the social-justice church of Jeremiah Wright, where he was preached at on collective salvation and black liberation.  Illinois state senator and communism-lover Alice Palmer, picked O as her chief of staff.   As a U.S. senator, he had the most leftist voting record.  His wife's only source of American pride came in her 40s as a result of O's own success.  He was endorsed by the Communist Party in 2004, and in 2008 Obama got CPUSA's endorsement again, basically running on the CPUSA platform.  (And yes, CPUSA have endorsed him again for 2012!)

And this was before the campaign and presidency.  Does his bio reflect incompetence or something more sinister?  Does his journey sound like one of an all-American or an anti-American?

[You can read] his own words, during the campaign:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"A triple win," is how Biden characterized it.

Seattle's 'Green Jobs' Program a Bust

Last year, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced the city had won a coveted $20 million federal grant to invest in weatherization. The unglamorous work of insulating crawl spaces and attics had emerged as a silver bullet in a bleak economy – able to create jobs and shrink carbon footprint – and the announcement came with great fanfare.

McGinn had joined Vice President Joe Biden in the White House to make it. It came on the eve of Earth Day. It had heady goals: creating 2,000 living-wage jobs in Seattle and retrofitting 2,000 homes in poorer neighborhoods.

But more than a year later, Seattle's numbers are lackluster. As of last week, only three homes had been retrofitted and just 14 new jobs have emerged from the program. Many of the jobs are administrative, and not the entry-level pathways once dreamed of for low-income workers. Some people wonder if the original goals are now achievable.

"The jobs haven't surfaced yet," said Michael Woo, director of Got Green, a Seattle community organizing group focused on the environment and social justice.

"It's been a very slow and tedious process. It's almost painful, the number of meetings people have gone to. Those are the people who got jobs. There's been no real investment for the broader public."


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phooey: a heart like His

Dear Phooey,

You do, indeed, have a heart like His. You say you're not a leader, but a follower... However, it is G*d's true heart that reigns in heaven. Yours is so large and full of exactly the kind of love G*d best put on the Earth that you can't help but be that bright shining presence that lights all here.

You fill my days with love and G*d's soul and every good thing He meant for us. I love you and I'm terribly concerned about you, and I pray for you and Ms. Page everyday and every night. Come back to us whole and--if not--I will be with you, hand-in-hand, every single day--and beyond...

Love, Froggy

Monday, August 15, 2011

My prayers for you.

To the Posters at the Connection:

I was mailed the brouhaha over on the Faith wall on about me--and it was just as I supposed it would be--and by the usual people. People who write cruel things about others just to hurt them, just to dispense harm to them, have problems of their own, obviously un-addressed. People who attempt to 'diagnose' someone else--absent the necessary educational requirements--are only attempting to place themselves in a higher--more righteous plane--in order to feel better about themselves and think themselves  superior.

I don't feel superior to others. I know the things that make me very human; I apologize daily and ask G*d for forgiveness and help. I ask that G*d lay hands of kindness all over my world and change bitterness and partisanship into fellowship and love. I especially ask those who wished to hurt me so badly to ask themselves sincerely if that's the kind of person that they truly want to be. If their words made them feel good about themselves, if they felt joy in what they said and what they did, then I accept that.

I don't want to be like that. I ask that G*d grant you peace and a loving heart. I'll pray for you and I hope, in turn, that one day you'll pray at all--and if not for me, then for someone else--anyone--to whom you can give your understanding.

*IMPORTANT READ-Leftist blueprint for our lives: Agenda 21

UN’s Agenda 21 Forcing Society Back to the Ghetto

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

I came across an article from Baton Rouge, LA, with a sugary title like an elementary singsong, “Grow Forth and Prosper.” Then I zoomed in on the subtitle, “Smart Growth proponents say building up may save Baton Rouge – but only if we do it the right way.” I am not sure which way Kendra R. Chamberlain understands it, but it is obviously the UN Agenda 21 way.

Such articles supporting Smart Growth, SmartMeters, and Sustainable Development have started to appear across the country with regularity in support of UN Agenda 21’s goals of destroying our economy, control and reduce our population, control our land use, redistribution of wealth, under the guise of protecting our environment. Slowly but surely, they have made great strides across the U.S. with very little opposition or understanding from the population. None of the articles mentions UN Agenda 21 at all...


UN Agenda 21 Smart Growth has five tenets:

1). Existing Infrastructure (rehabilitate areas already established in the city) Maybe Americans like living on their farms, why force them into ghettoes?

2). Low Auto Dependence (no driving within a community, offering trolley, buses, walkways, bike paths, rails) What if I don’t want to give up my car? What if I cannot bike, walk, take bus, or train?

3). High Density (anti-sprawl, plucking us from the suburbs and placing us forcefully into tenements with specific boundaries) 

4). Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income (multi-income community with multi-problems, disease born by overcrowding and close proximity, schools, supermarkets, retails, pharmacies, and work within the confines of the boundaries of the community; if it sounds Orwellian, it is)

5). Whole Community (all this crowding and proximity is supposed to create a wonderful kumbaya sense of togetherness and community) Yes, I remember the sense of community we had in our communist tenements, noise, dirt, disease, everybody spying on everybody else for a little extra food handouts from the ruling elite, beatings, and disappearances.

After the secret deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin responded with no hesitation, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

It looks like we are not going to keep our republic, we are headed in uncharted territory for us, a mixture of fascism and communist totalitarianism. The sad and frustrating thing is that Americans are acquiescing either because they are uninformed, have not studied history, are not paying attention, or are refusing to believe the evidence before their eyes.

Worst. Numbers. Ever.

Obama Approval Drops Below 40% For First Time

By Rick Moran 

  Gallup daily tracking poll has the president below 40% - but only for one threeday rolling average. We'll see how it plays out over the next week and see if that number is confirmed in subsequent pollings. President Obama's summer woes have dragged his approval rating to an all-time low, sinking below 40% for the first time in Gallup's daily tracking poll.

 New data posted Sunday shows that 39% of Americans approve of Obama's job performance, while 54% disapprove. Both are the worst numbers of his presidency. Obama's approval rating has hovered in the 40% range for much of 2011, peaking at 53% in the weeks following the death of Osama Bin Laden. But Americans' view of his job performance continued to tick downward as the debt-ceiling debate heated up. By the time he signed legislation averting a federal default, he was mired in the low-40% range.

 Lately, some of the economic numbers have been ticking slightly upward. And some of that low approval rating is from liberals - many of whom could be expected to hold their nose and vote for Obama anyway. In short, don't expect the president's approval ratings to remain below 40% for long. The low 40's seems to be his base of support as evidenced by where his numbers have been most of this year. That still makes him very beatable in 2012.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

From a near-god to... intolerable.

This Presid.... This Man in the White House, is Intolerable

By Quin Hillyer

Barack Obama is intolerable. I watch right now as, yet again, he blames the bad economy, and now specifically the S&P downgrade, on "brinksmanship" in Washington and "an unwillingness to compromise" -- as if he has absolutely nothing to do with either brinksmanship or unwillingness to compromise.

Who was it who, just at the verge of a deal, suddenly insisted on an extra $400 billion in taxes, thus killing the "compromise"? Obama. Who was it who vowed to veto a debt-ceiling deal even if it made it through both branches of Congress, including a Democratic Senate, if it would require another debt-ceiling increase vote again before the next election? Obama. For that matter, Obama just said that the problem is people worrying too much about winning the next election rather than getting policy right. What a joke.

Again, he is the guy who, on the debt ceiling (as just described) and on several other items has insisted that the next move must, absolutely must, not occur until after the next election. He's the guy governing based on the next election.

He just said several times that "our politics is the problem." As if he isn't playing politics. He said it's time to stop the attacks -- even as his campaign says its goal is to "kill Romney."
Amazingly, he just called, again, for passage of "trade deals" -- even though he is the one who has blocked trade deals with Latin American allies for more than two years now.
This man is a hypcocrite, an egocentric louse, a liar, and a thoroughly unpleasant personality. He attacks, attacks, attacks, attacks -- and then says that the problem is politicians who attack.

He also said it's time to stop the blame game -- even as, again, he blamed everything but himself for today's economic problems. It was the unrest in the Middle East (not his anti-fossil fuels extremism) that caused high gas prices. It was European debt problems, and the Japanese Earthquake, and, and, and and and everything else he could think of, that just caused all these problems that he alone knows how to solve and would already be solving if only we would bow down before his exalted highness.

I could go on. Every word that passes his lops drops with demagoguery and nastiness. How we will put up with him for another 17 months, I really don't know. But in 17 months, this man must go. Leave. Get out of our faces, and get out of our lives. Too bad it just can't happen sooner. I'd take Joe Biden as president, in a heartbeat, over this intolerable creature.

Obama sets travel record, holiday fiesta to a plush vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

Obama Our Prince of Wails, Goes on Another Vacation to Forget Tea Party Terrorists

By Jerry McConnell 

I  am beginning to wonder if this arrogant creature that is usurping our office of the presidency has any conscience or shame in that super-ego of his to go off on ANOTHER golfing vacation at a critical time.  to the suspicions that he has amassed a record-breaking number of travel days and hours amassing huge costs just for Air Force One.  But the rest of the family have their own jet; so taxpayer dollars being spent are probably records also.

He wails at the people who provide all of the money for his junkets around the world in search of more foreigners he can apologize to for America’s actions while praising in particular, Islamic countries.  At times he brings great shame to the office he illegally occupies by acting so anti-American and pro-Islamic.

Now, just after the long dispute with conservatives in Congress over his desire to have our debt limit raised in order to spend even more of our tax dollars on foreign betterment programs, he goes away for a nine-day holiday fiesta to a plush vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

What’s that, you say, he shouldn’t be blowing our tax dollars on luxurious trips when our stock markets are under-performing in horrible fashion, the worst in memory as America’s AAA financial rating is reduced to, if not catastrophic, certainly highly embarrassing lower levels with warnings of possibly more to come? 

Haven’t you gotten the picture yet?  He doesn’t give a damn about America’s financial ratings; just so long as he can keep robbing our Treasury for his personal satisfying follies and chicanery.  He wails that our rich people should be paying higher taxes to cover his junkets and world travels. 


Obama’s actions, or the lack thereof, make one think that of all the hard-working citizens jobs that he has caused to disappear perhaps his own should have been among them.

So while Obama plays first fiddle for Nero’s dance band, whether in Rome, Rio, or Martha’s Vineyard, he is abandoning his responsibilities to make sure our stock markets don’t panic into a full-fledged recession and destroy thousands, if not millions more of our country’s jobs.  His last attempt to create close to a trillion dollars worth of “stimulus” new jobs was a colossal failure.  The country is still waiting with no relief in sight.  It is further proof that the man has no idea of what to do to help our financial jobs devastation scenario.

But as John Ransome asks, “... would it be too much to ask him to understand how his own job works?”