Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Morning!


  1. Good morning, ladies. I've run out of free abuse.
    Hopefully, no one goes into withdrawal.

  2. Well, Phooey, your comments are sometimes the only thing that makes me smile these days, but if you need a break to recharge your snark, okay.

  3. Replies
    1. Good morning, Gloria. How was your Easter? We had a very busy weekend here.
      Page and I are 'crashing' today.

    2. Mornin' Phoo. Easter was very quiet around here. I was just trying to recharge after 4 days with 8 grandkids. I love being with them but know I have some work around here to get done.

    3. 4 days with 8 grandkids! Forget the work! Go rest, dear! Watch an old movie!
      What would I do without those exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
      What would Wog do without her 'apostrophe''''''''''''''''' ?
      What would......... Oh, forget it!

  4. Perfect! Dear Eva! Words fail.... laughing myself silly!
    "having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have!"...Rush

  5. I've been sick since Friday. Eva's cold rubbed off. I call it a mini-cold. Had a mini-sore throat, and no energy. Then I just felt bad. Yesterday I had a fever and stayed in bed. Feel better today. I have to be okay to go to school Tuesday morning. I've tried not to give it to Froggy.

    Seems that everyone at the Pond is doing okay this week... even for a Monday.

    1. Yes, stay in bed, 'Wog, as long as you can. It's the only thing to do. Otherwise, this damn cold will work it's way all over your body until it's done. Honestly, if I weren't so tired of feeling sick, I'd be fascinated by its travels!

  6. Virtual hugs are allowed here and Woggy has one from me.

  7. Hope you all take care of yourselves and start to feel better soon! Ladies, has the repair noise stopped in your building? Sure hope so.

    Nothing all that interesting going on here, except I have 3 baby tomatoes and a pot full of herbs that look happy. We're predicted to have thunderstorms every night through at least Monday. Good sleeping weather.

    Smooches to all!

  8. If we are lucky, the noise won't last all summer! They are jack-hammering the entire cement area around the pool. And the noise inside... they are now sawing up the apartments on the floor below us.

    Eva, I had to get up for a while today. I didn't get a fever today, so don't feel too bad. I contacted doctor to see where I could get a shot for whooping cough.

    Surfie, are you growing your own herbs? How fun.

  9. Going to bed now.... wishing everyone sweet dreams. Love you all.