Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Pond People... We can hear the bells ringing from the Cathedral a couple blocks away. Our Sunday is quiet.

    Anyone doing special things today?

  2. Eva, are you feeling better today? Froggy and I worry when we hear that you are sick for so many days.

  3. Hi everyone. Happy Easter to all. Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing holiday. Been trying to catch up on reading what I missed this last week. Foggy and Eva both still sick? Is the construction over or will they be back tommorrow?

    Froggy, the Fibrmyalgia Network newsletter had an interesting free article on morning stiffness. Let me know if you would like me to forward it to you.

  4. How wonderful to hear Cathedral bells! I bet they were a lovely treat.

    I worry about you, too, Eva. Do you feel any better today?

    I just got home from a wonderful Easter dinner at my sister's house. My family was there, as well as my brother-in-law's family. It was a huge spread of food. There sure a lot of good cooks and bakers in our families. Now my stomach hurts from being so stuffed and I need a nap!

    What's everyone else doing?

  5. I don't seem to be as snot filled today as usual so my nose is getting a break, but my coughing hasn't lessened much. That's why I'm sore. Too much coughing. I read where drinking hot water, lemon juice & honey is good for breaking up phlegm, so I'm drinking a lot of it. I'm trying to have a more productive cough (as the old commercial used to say). If I can get this junk up and out, I figure that's a good thing. It seems to work, but all that water is why I keep going to the bathroom. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

    Thanks for all the good wishes. I'll beat this thing sooner or later.

    1. Eva, I'm glad I ate before reading your post. You little snotty nosed piss ant!
      Okay! duck and cover! I love you, Eva!
      Hi Froggy!

    2. PhooBad! We loves our Eva and her snotty little nose! We'd love your nose if it was snotty, too--and already do! SmOOch!