Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Secular Messiah and the Necessary 'Fire'...

And, After the Match is Lit?
By Lori Donovan

In referencing Ann Barnhardt's Ulsterman Report about the possibility of Obama staging a fake presidential assassination attempt--his 'Reichstag Fire', if you will, I had to ask myself what that would mean.... what would happen?

I was born in 1958, Obama in 1961, so he I walked in the same shoes of history, at that time--we remember the same things, were exposed to the same media--at approximately the same pace--with the same mention made in our schools, our homes, and in the streets. There wasn't any unusual occurrence--in Colorado, where I lived, nor Hawaii, where he lived--that marked either place absent from the news of the day; a rather middle-class upbringing was a rather middle-class upbringing everywhere, then. 

This was the start of the 1960's and the space race was coming into it's own, the  civil rights movement was gaining real momentum--and TV's were left on for increasingly longer times each day to tell us all about it. Dare I say it, they were mainstreamed into our lives--and there was one huge incident that dominated throughout. It was one with which I defined the world and, actually thought, for awhile, seemed endless (it was...): the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Each year, it was reported identically with the same comments, tears, odd speculations, and Zapruder film. Nothing was altered or omitted--it's still done that way. Obama has to remember the way it was. It has to have imprinted itself on his mind and heart in just that same way. He has to recall how it was forced into every room in our heads--how every early '60's kid grew up with that icon of grief stamped on their feelings. To him, it was surely the 'biggest f-ing deal' out of 'big f-ing deals' we could possibly face--it WAS the worst thing that could happen to us.

And that's why it's just the perfect thing for him to use, now.

Upon the announcement of Barrack Obama's 'assassination', it first would be painted as an 'iffy' thing. Very risky, very chancy, very uncertain. No one, at first, will know if Barack has made it out alive. A funereal announcement will first be made first stating that the Presidential entourage has been under serious, devastating attack, and that he is, most likely... gone?. If she is with him, a frozen Michelle, agog with her shocked, 'I-see-an-elephant', face will be broadcast as she cobbles up some 'skin in the game', perhaps some torn clothing--an almost-bloody handprint will show on her skirt--as this is treated as a holy moment. She'll say to the wondering  'this is as serious as serious gets',  and, eventually,  'this blood may be all I have left of his life' over and over, again.

America will go into instant vigil mode as 'Keep Watch' centers are staffed around America--even the world--as the privileged allowed to staff such things will walk around all whispering-and-tissue-paper shoes, lest any undue noise deliver his immediate corpse. The clock will slow to doom ticks, businesses will close 'out of respec', Congress will do no work, and the economic world will freeze, as the Fist Lady takes her plea to the public to 'stand behind our hearts', at this awful time'...

Dear God, the mediaverse will explode with inuendo and blame! Whole encampments will take up the speculation about what happened--the military may get involved. The Secret Service will fall over the F.B.I. The Attorney General will meet with a Congressional committee--and somebody will go find Joe Biden. Of course, the rightwing will be blamed; Dick Cheney's name will be dragged into it, somehow. The Bush dynasty will meet with the Clinton people. The Jackson/Sharpton/Wright pulpits will heat up the racism Sterno, and transportation around America will cease. Extra funds--to 'save' Barack--will immediately be appropriated and allotted to no one counting. A cry of 'where is Barack Obama?' will be heard across the land--until people figure out that he has been lynched.

The hot embers of the left's nascent rage will began to burn with a fierce intensity. Every bit of moral outrage and nationalistic fervor with began to pour forth.  A steely determination to 'save  Western civilization, save mankind' will take fire in the bowels of the left--hotter than anything they've ever felt, more important than anything they could ever imagine doing with their lives, will grow. They will have their heaven-on-earth, their utopia--and they will be the saviors to bring it! This was what they had been waiting for all their lives!

You think Nazi Germany was bad? Wait until you see the Sustained Trajectory of the Future Universe (STFU)...

1--An 'assassination attack' on Barack Obama happens:

2--America will be shocked and grow numb with the possibilities of how it could've happened,

3--One huge forever possibility--racism--will quickly be brought to the fore,

4--The 'bitter-clingers with guns' will be blamed, but no concrete plan will be found out against them (that won't matter),

5--A leftist movement to 'save humankind' will blossom forth; all their worst plans will bear fruit,

6--Some group or person on the right--the Tea Party--will be singled-out to take the fall; we will be demonized, marginalized, as 'dangerous, selfish, anti-human',

7--A horrible doom will infuse America--that we could even be that awful, it will ruin our idea of American exceptionalism for all time... (that's what Obama has deeply wanted)...

8--At the last minute, Barack will appear--the hero--his escape and preservation will be termed a high tech, clever, brave, sexy thing,

9--The country will see how fast we almost 'lost' democracy amidst some horrible racist plot by the worst of us--and they'll clamor for Obama's 3rd term--forever term. His minions will wipe their brow at what we nearly avoided, and congratulate themselves for their bravery in 'saving' humankind,

10--And Barack will be made President for Life.... because he's the only one who can save us from our awfulest selves... (He always knew we were this awful; it's been his mission to 'fix' us--and he knew he could...) He was going to fix racism in this country, one way or the other--and any means necessary was fair game... it still is.

The fact that this was just some silly plot of Jarret--that it didn't really happen--will get entirely lost. People will only look at what they think we luckily 'avoided'--and who they think it was that 'saved' us... We'll NEVER hear the end of it! And we Morlocks on the other side will have...what? We'll never again be considered as  good as the surface-dwelling Eloi.


  1. Please read, folks--it took me awhile to write it..don't you think it would be like this if he pulled something, stage just such a stunt?

  2. I don't know if even they are "bright" enough to pull this off. After all, we aren't the innocents we were in the '60's. OTOH, we weren't as stupid back then as we are now (not us, of course, I mean the masses).

    Whether it's true or not that Jarret could have thought up a stunt like this and could possibly get enough people to go along with it, the mere fact that we (and others) are putting out there that we think she and they are capable of it, will help mitigate the result. Those of us who would be cynical of such, will be ostracized, but I bet there would be a lot of us.

    It's a good article, Froggy. It lays out the psychology as well as the process and conclusion. Sigh. I liked it better when this was only the stuff of movies.

  3. You write scary stuff with much truth! I tell my family I'm paranoid and they laugh it off,but I can't help it.I can warn them till I'm blue but I can't make them listen!We are not safe and there will be a firestorm soon!I just pray we can survive it.

  4. Don't you think he'd do it just like this?

  5. I'll put up cat videos. Everybody likes those!


  6. My Dear Froggy and Friends, You really gave us a lot to think about or is that "to ponder about." I truly believe that if the Dems had to do this scenario to win an election, they would do it.

    Write more. We enjoy your thoughts.

  7. Thank you, Hg too.--thank you for reading my retreads--I'm sure you could find better on the Internet. I'll never be a good writer like I want but, never fear--my spelling is worse! ;-)

  8. Froggy, I am truly sorry for my flippant remark. It was either that or no response at all because I was not mentally capable of an in-depth analysis of your scenario and wanted you to know that I read all your work without fail. That said, I wholeheartedly agree with Eva's and Hg's comments and could add little to what they already said. I have no doubt that there are many new schemes in development as was the case in the past that lead to pure evil sitting in Our White House! and most of Our Congress! and Judiciary! However, even as setbacks are inevitable, we MUST! press forward in our battle against the evil that surrounds and constantly tries to throughly defeat our hope! For, if we lose hope, we have just thumbed our noses at God and called Him a liar! Now, let's all get rest, refreshed and come out fighting with the resolve like the ultimate victors we will be.