Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday, folks!



  1. Good morning, everyone! Where IS everybody?

  2. I am SO glad its Friday! Had a great week at work. Am given more responsibilities every day. Keeps me busy and I don't get bored with just bean counting in the accounting department.

    They turned over the building's landscaping to me (I have a green thumb and would rather play with landscaping than just about anything). The grounds around the building are in shambles, so I get to play at work, directing how to fix it. Its fun to get paid for going to Home Depot on Saturday to buy plants & soil & all that.

    I also now get to produce what our customers listen to when they call and get put on hold. Produced my first "show" today. It was a mix of trivia, jokes, music, famous quotes ... all stuff I thought people who buy hydraulic equipment would enjoy.

    I am feeling very grateful today.

    Now that I've talked about myself ... what's everybody doing this weekend?

    OH ... thank you, Froggy for this blog.

  3. Surfie.. I thought I should check the blog before I get caught up in a TV show. And there you are. It sounds like you lucked out on the perfect job. Froggy and I should call your business, and ask to be put on hold just to hear your selections. Most "on hold music" is pretty boring.

    That's why I will look for a part-time job when school is over in December. I don't want to do accounting all week. 2-3 days would be okay. Accounts payable is very repetitious.

    I loved your last line.."Thank you, Froggy for this blog." It really is a nice place to come, and to talk about your day or anything else. To meet with friends and to know that everyone is friendly. That is a very important part of any place that Froggy hops. Speaking of Froggy hops, she has been sleeping for a while. Now she will be up all night.

  4. You're welcome, Surfie--I sure love all my friends here. Sounds like your job is coming along splendidly--good for you! I'm glad things are working out so well for you!

    I think I'll make 'Woggy stay up all night with me... ha!

    Hi, Phoo!