Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good Morning, Friends!


  1. Good morning, Ponders. I've been sick all week. Allergies, the heat. Two people in my office were diagnosed with pneumonia, and I got scared.

    I don't have pneumonia, or even a sinus infection. I just have sinuses impacted with goo from allergies. My head hurts. I'm tired. Barely made it through last week at work, as I get so tired after lunch.

    Often, a pharmacist is better than a doctor. I'm taking allergy pills, sniffing saline water up my nose, doubling up on my daily dose of EmergenC, and indulging myself with sleep this weekend. I actually do feel better!

    I thank the Big Guy upstairs that I am, by nature, happy and optimistic. If not for that, being sick and the SCOTUS ruling this week would have put me in the dirt. I'm going Breitbart.


  2. Good morning Ponders. Surfie, You always give freely love prayers and smoochies to others. Please recieve them for yourself today. Rest and heal.

    That SCOTUS decision knocked me for a loop too. I had a knee jerk reaction. After reading some commentaries I have calmed down a little. Has anyone considered the possibility that Roberts may have been threatened? It's the Chicago way, don'cha know.

    Boy, for all the complaining that I have done about our cool wet spring I am feeling a bit guilty. My heart aches for those in Colorado. And the people back east who have been suffering through very high temps and now have now electricity.

  3. Good Morning Surfie...Hope you are feeling better. I've never heard of several people in an office with pneumonia. The relentless heat will sap all your energy, even without being sick. Stay safe and rest. We are here for you.

    Gloria...days like this is when I'm sooo glad that we moved to Seattle...where it's cool. Froggy was just looking at pictures from Washington DC. and back East. It's really bad. Trees fallen. No electricity. That means no air-conditioning, no fans, no street lights, no jobs to go to... And Colorado is also in a bad way. Hundreds have lost their homes. Along with the smoke, heat, drought, wind, and lightning.

    I'm going to do some reading before I comment on "what's left" of our politics. The Obama-joke-a-rama has stunned me.

  4. Good morning ladies. Stay safe and healthy everyone. I'll let God sort this mess out!
    Hehe, with the help of my vote!

  5. Poor Surfie! You take care of yourself. The heat, along with the allergy goo makes for miserable living. You're doing the best thing, which is indulging yourself.

    You make an interesting point, Gloria, about Roberts possibly being threatened. After all, Obama, Leahy and others made what I think were public threats about the Court. I guess we all need to start thinking more cynically.

    I know they're going to go full blast implementing as much as possible before the election in the hopes that it makes things too difficult to remove. I wish the R's would make more of an argument about the power grab part of all this. The intrusion into each of our lives is just going to be unbelievable if the law isn't repealed.

    Everybody stay safe. See you later.

  6. I'm back from the bus ride to the grocery store..more on that at the end of this post. Somehow, with Democrats, I always feel that there is a "fix" somewhere. I feel that they aren't worried about the outcome, because no matter what we do, they will win. Our Founders never intended this to happen, and they did everything they could to keep us going the right way. I'm sure that the Founders thought Americans were trusty-worthy, honorable people.

    About my trip to the grocery store... Seattle (and soon the state of Washington) are no longer allowed to use plastic bags at the grocery store. So I went to self-check out. No plastic bags. But there was a big stack of paper bags. The catch: they will charge you a nickle for every paper bag. They want you to bring your own bags. But I don't want to carry around a bunch of bags just in case I might stop at the store. I'll pay the nickle. Haven't decided yet what to do if it rains! Paper bags don't do well when wet!

    The other stupid news. The state liquor stores were voted out. Now the prices of liquors have risen. And the state is charging a 20.5% tax... so that they still get their money.

    And I saw on the Internet that in New York Cty they can't sell soda pop. Some kind of plan to control obesity. Is Michelle Obama behind that bit of stupidity? And what did she eat for dinner tonight?

    I've been Sunday-cussing all day. (Sunday-cussing means I haven't said too many bad words!)

    How's everyone surviving the day? Surfie are you feeling better? Keep resting. The weekend went way tooo fast. I'll be back later this evening. Love you gals and Phooey.

  7. Wog, you call them Sunday words. I call them secret words or tavern words.

    The soda and plastic bags are just the beginning.

    I am tired and keep loosing my thoughts so I will give up for tonight.

  8. All day long it seems my husband and I start sentences with, "and you know what else..." We just keep on coming up with things that we can't believe we're reading or hearing. Honestly, this election can't come fast enough for me. I want it over. I think our side is energized and is just chomping at the bit to get Obama out of office. What worries me is the Press. It doesn't take more than a headline to depress me.

    I'm heading to the TV and watching something silly so I can go to bed without my mind going into such overdrive that I can't fall asleep.