Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Sunday, Pond Friends!


  1. Such a pretty greeting today. Restful day at Froggy's house. Think a nap will be next on the list. Hope everyone in doing well today. Let's meet later at The Pond. Speaking of The Pond... I love it here!

  2. You love it here? YOU LOVE IT HERE? I've been throwing up all morning and you love it here??? I have a fever and I'm gonna die. I'm sick as a dog and all I can eat it Oreos, HALP!

    How is everyone else? Help me keep the pond a-going, please!

  3. I keep checking in to see if anyone has posted anything. I wish that there was something to do for you. Don't Oreos make you throw up? Please get better, we all want that for you. I'll keep checking.

  4. Hello! I've been posting. Just not on the same day everyone else is posting...maybe that's why no one reads my posts? LOL - Or it could be that I grossed everyone out with my dog and mouse story. If so, I apologize.

    Froggy, a while back, the husband of a friend of mine was sick with the stomach flu for 2 weeks before he got better. He said the only thing he could eat were glazed donuts and sprite, because they tasted the same going down or coming back up. That doesn't sound very nutritous, but it worked for him. Sorry if I'm being gross again. :/

    I know I used to give the kids pedialyte,, when they had the stomach flu. (I just checked it out, and they also recommend it for adults, to prevent dehydration)

    I hope you're feeling better soon. :)

    1. Paget, I have tears rolling down my face!

  5. Well, Paget, that's why I'm eating Oreos! Where's your mouse and dog story?

    How's my PhooFrog? I miss you!

  6. Good night, Froggetts. Hope I can stop laughing. Love you all!

  7. Damnit Paget, of course we read your posts--we love you!

  8. Paget, I read your read your mouse story. Of COURSE he's gonna eat it in front of you--you didn't have to watch! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Silly Wabbit!

  9. This is better. A little banter.

  10. Our cat caught a mouse in the house once. But she wasn't an outdoor cat. We didn't know what to do. We didn't want the mouse in the house, and we didn't want the cat outside. Cat would let the mouse loose in the kitchen. The mouse would run around. I screamed, Froggy got a broom, cat caught the mouse again. Finally cat let mouse go again. Froggy was ready with a pan lid and trapped the mouse underneath. We shoved a piece of cardboard under the lid.

    Oh there's more! Did I tell you that this was at night? Froggy made me take the pan lid outside to let the mouse go. I'm walking down the middle of the street in my pajamas with a mouse under a pan lid. Didn't want to let it loose by the house so that it wouldn't come back in.

  11. Hey guys! It's getting lively in here. Phooey, glad I made you laugh. I think... ;)

    Okay; when the mouse incident happened,it was dark, and the dog was on the outside of the sliding glass door. Did you know Schnauzers were first bred to catch mice and rats? (It could have been worse, I guess; thankfully we don't have rats around here!)So, I was on the other side of the door YELLING at the top of my lungs like a crazy woman, thinking he would drop the blasted thing. When I wouldn't let him inside, he started crunching. I did look away at that point. So, yeah, now when he goes outside I walk out first to shoo him away from the dreaded birdcage base where the mice like to hide. Hubby "reloaded" the mouse traps with peanut butter and caught one yesterday. Sad; but it was a quick death. Friends say the mice would go away if we got rid of the bird feeder, but I love the birds!

  12. Wog,

    I think our posts crossed in cyberspace -

    You are much braver than I am! That is hilarious, and creepy! :)

    Goodnight ladies and gentleman. :)

  13. What a day of stories! Wish I had something to add to the cat & mouse ones, but I've only had indoor cats. Of course Puffin tries to go after crickets that get in somehow, but they're faster than he is.

    Froggy, that stomach bug is miserable, isn't it? I had it last April. I remember I tried to eat something smooth like pudding and when it came back up, I was so grossed out that I just sat on the bathroom floor and cried. If you can stand Gatorade, that's supposed to help. Also, popsicles. Gotta keep hydrated.

    I'll leave for the night with this little poem by Kliban. Recited by a cat of course.

    Love to eat them mousies
    Mousies what I love to eat
    Bite they little heads off
    And nibble on they tiny feet

    I actually had a bath towel with that on it!

  14. Paget, I'd keep the birdfeeder, and just set traps for the mice. It is a quick way to go. I just don't like mice or any critters in my house. Actually, I wouldn't like to see my doggie or kitty having a mice-meal.

    Do you have a Schnauzer? Big or little? I'm used to the little cocker-spaniel size. The standard-size are really big. Don't see them very often. In San Siego they used to have a wonderful dog show at the Del Mar Race track fairgrounds. It's so much fun to see the different breeds.

  15. Oh, I need to tell y'all about the possum....