Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Morning! Tuesday Report:

Well, the house is a disaster...


  1. Uh-oh, this doesn't sound good. I hope you two are surviving the "fix"!

    I'm starting to feel human again. Hopefully, this cold is about to be over. I'm taking it easy again today just to be sure.

  2. Eva, hopefully 'this too will pass' for our Hostess. So happy you're human again. (Which begs the question: what did you turn into?) Nevermind! I also had a rare 'good day' by repotting plants and cleaning a little. Love to all.

  3. Oh dear. Hope you two get through this plumbing repair. What a pain.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, Eva!

    I'm actually starting to acclimate to the pollen here. Still am a tad bit allergic, but my eyes don't feel like sandpaper, the sneezing is down, and my nose doesn't drip constantly. YAY!

    We had some wild weather today, but nothing like the people in Texas had. Prayers for everyone there.

    Brought some work home with me, and need to cook dinner and get tomorrow's lunch together. See everyone tomorrow!

  4. Thank you, folks--you are so nice. I have a splitting headache, but something got tore up and plastered back together. I've been holed up in my room with earplugs and the tv--when I could hear it... How's everyone been?

    Phoo? You got to go out--that's nice! Eva, how's your cold? I worry...

  5. Every day I think the workmen are done. NO WAY! Tomorrow they are coming to patch and paint over the holes they made in the kitchen, hall closet and bathroom. I haven't been here for the fun, noisy part. But when I came home today poor Froggy was a-frazzled-frog. Hopefully tomorrow -NOT GOING TO HAPPEN- they will come in and paint and get out quickly NOT!

    That's it for today... I have homework that is not getting done. Gee, who do I think is going to do my homework for me?

  6. Hello pond friends,

    Froggy, I sure hope the workmen finish up today! As someome who spent many years in an apartment, I know how intrusive it is when management decided to do repairs. However, it always seemed like they took their sweet time getting around to our requests!

    Wog, good luck at school! I am so proud of you!

    Surfie, I'm glad you like your job and they must really be impressed with you to give you all those new assignments!

    This is my final week of wrapping up my work at my old job I've had for 24 years. Then I will concentrate on my new one. I'm very thankful to be working in times like this! Also thankful that hubby is still working. He is now 63, and we're hoping he can work until he's 65.

    Eva, so glad to hear you're doing better! I was worried about you.

    Gloria, you must be over on my side of the state by now. :) Hope you have a great visit with your grandbaby! :)

    Hi Phoo! Didn't know you had a green thumb! Awesome! The plants around my house only survive because my hubby knows if he doesn't water them, they will die. ;)

    Have a good day, everyone!