Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday, Ponders!



  1. Morning Ponders!

    I'm still alive. I've gone through 5 boxes of tissue and I'm still full of snot. I'm coughing like crazy and don't have much of a voice, but I'm haning in.

    My little Puffin is by my side morning, noon and night. I'd like to think it's because he wants to be a comfort, but I know it's probably more because he likes not having to get off the bed all day.

    Thanks for the love and prayers. Everyone have a good week.

  2. He loves you so much, Eva--you know that! He's your dear little friend! He's your baby like my Boris was my baby.

    I'm getting worried about your coughs; it doesn't seem like you've been especially well since the first of the year. Make sure you're okay, hon! I worry about you!

    The men are here to carve up everything, so today is right down a rathole. I think I'll go in my room and rest, nothing much else to do.... sigh.

    You get some rest!

  3. Hi all. Hope Froggy got through the construction today OK. Eva Hope you will be on the mend soon.

    I have had a very, very stressful day. Just trying to help everyone get things done and being in the middle. I find myself trying to fix things and worrying about the outcome. Well, the day is almost over and tomorrow I go to visit the grand kids.

  4. Sounds like Monday was a hectic day for everyone. Glad we had the Pond to come to for some quiet time and friendship. Tomorrow has to be better.

    When I came home today, I found Froggy hiding out in her bedroom with the door closed. I really thought our apartment would be last to be fixed. So I was surprised to see work carts in the hall, and our apartment door open. Heck of a mess! I'll let Froggy tell you tomorrow.