Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hi, Pond Friends!



  1. Good morning everyone! Its supposed to be 90 degrees today with 90% humidity. Blech. We skipped over spring!

    What's everybody doing today?

  2. Hello pond friends!

    Surfie, I want some warm weather too! However, you can keep the humidity. 90% is crazy!

    I've been away from the computer this week, and was happily surprised to see my cat, Chance's picture! How sweet, Froggy! Our daughter and SIL were here this weekend, and daughter commented that Chance wasn't very friendly. Ha! Well, he heard her and had to prove her wrong. He cuddled up to her for the whole weekend, and she did admit that he is very sweet and lovable. ;) LOL!

    We had a big celebration for my parent's 65th anniversary this weekend. It was just family, and a small group of friends, but there were still around 30 of us. I gave my parents a card I made, as that's my one talent, haha. My sisters are the talented ones who take after mom, and make lovely quilts, etc. I used to feel bad that I didn't sew, and mom always said that I made a good apple pie. Okay, that was nice but...Now I make cards for family and friends, and hubby jokes that mine are the most expensive cards in the world if you consider how long it takes me to get them finished. ;) They are definitely a labor of love.

    Today I'm just chilling, and getting things ready for work tomorrow. I hope everyone else is having a great weekend. I'll write more tomorrow when I've caught up on everything.

    Love to you dear pond people!

    1. Paget, Kitties just have to get to know ya, then, just like our sweet Chance, they follow you wherever you go.

      Sounds like a wonderful family get-together. 60 years together. WOW that's along time. Your family and friends must enjoy getting your cards. Do you have a Cri-cut? We don't have one, but I've heard they are wonderful. Making cards and writing special words-from-the-heart is a talent. I don't sew and I can't make pretty cards.

      Here's my sewing story. I took sewing in school. This definitely was not one of my talents. I made a simple dress. It had one sleeve going up, and one going down. I don't like taking it apart and putting it back together the right way.

  3. Well, 'Woggy and I laid back down and slept in. Tomorrow or the next day they are coming by to tear up the pipes in our bathroom, hall, and kitchen, sigh... So we had to move everything out of there--all this got sprung on us Fri. evening--and I don't know what I'm going to do about my asthma and all the dust. It's pretty bad and 'Wog starts school next week, so I get stuck here alone. I hate it when people are in and out of here all day! At least we don't have the poor kitties to put up with all the racket (I heard upstairs' job and it would've scared the poor thing to death!

    Her 'Wogness just scooted down to the waterfront for some real fish and chip for lunch, so that'll be a treat--it's a comfy 48 degrees here. You need a nice cat, Surfie!

  4. Froggy, I'll say an extra prayer for the asthma when the plumbers are there. Are they replacing the pipes? In the end, it might be a good thing if you get new, clean pipes. Quality of water will probably be better.

    Just got back from Home Depot with everything to plant a tomato and herbs on my little patio. I'll wait until it cools off a bit to plant them. Also priced out everything we need at work to landscape around the building so I can submit a budget tomorrow.

    I still have to pay bills, iron my work clothes, tidy the house up, make tuna salad for lunch next week, give myself a manicure & pedicure. Sheesh!

    Well, at least I'm not bored!

    Smooches to all.

  5. Hi all. Looks like everyone is having a quiet weekend. I was thinking of going to see the grand kids this week. I would just bite the bullet and fill up with $4 a gal gas then an opportunity came up for me to ride with a friend's daughter. Apparently my ability to ramble on non stop for 5 1/2 hours is a good thing. So it looks as if Scott will have the car after all this week. My BFF (granddaughter Camille) is really excited for me to get there.

    We have had an extended cold wet spring. Hope pass conditions are right for traveling. I don't believe in global warming or cooling or what ever they are calling it now but we have had some years of weird weather. I really think it is a cycle.

    Froggy, I don't like strange people coming in and out of my place either. Hopefully they will get the job done fast.

    Am planning on making stir fried sweet and sour stir fried chicken and veggies over rice for dinner. I get bored with cooking meat and potatoes.

    1. Good greif! you might think the first ingredient in my recipe is booze!

  6. It does seem like a quiet weekend. We are really stressed about workmen coming in here sometime this week. You never know how long they'll be making noise and dust... a couple hours or all day.

    I've been on unemployment for three months. Tomorrow I start school. The workmen couldn't come while I was home. So Froggy is on her own. We do worry about the dust bothering her asthma.

    I went outside for a walk this morning. The wind was blowing so it was cold. Then it poured rain.. and now the sun is out. But you can't fool me; I know that it is still cold! Typical Seattle day.

    Froggy is doing some creative project at her computer. And I am on my computer talking with my Pond Friends. We sit back to back (yes there are several feet between us) ( Phoo will want to know "whose feet?")

    I feel a nap coming on. Oops! the nap caught me. Back in a little while.

  7. Hi Wog,

    I loved your sewing story! I can sure identify with your experience! :)

    Sorry you and Froggy will have to put up with the workmen coming into your apartment. My son had bad asthma growing up, and I know how dust, etc., can trigger an atack. :(

    Froggy, what creative things are you up to on your computer? I can just see you two sisters working away, back-to-back on your computers. ;) It's wonderful that you get along so well! That is cool. :)

    Gloria, my daughter and SIL just went home over the pass today and the roads were fine, even though it was snowing. We sure are having a wet spring! I still have to cut down my roses and I noticed that they are growing, so I better get to it. Now if this cold wind would just stop blowing.

    I am off to finish my weekend chores. You all have a nice week! :)

    Love and prayers from Paget.