Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bzzzzzzzzzz......Good Morning, Pond Friends!


  1. Slaarp! Dang! missed again... prefer flies anyway.
    Good morning, ladies.

  2. A new day has dawned. It rained all night, so if I can get the energy together to get dressed, I'll go out into a clean, fresh-smelling world. I have to go to Lowes and get some new sink hardware. Very exciting.

    Puffin is curled up in the bed, so I'm not going to make it. Joe doesn't come home until 7:30 tonight because of parent-teacher night, so I don't have to make dinner for him. I have the whole day to myself. Wish the sun was out.

  3. Well, we've got a bit of sun here--and jackhammer man was back yesterday. In anticipation of him warming in all up again, I think I'll going back to bed--I'm not quite top notch. I have a physical therapy appointment for my back on May 7th--I'm kind nervous about it--I've never been before so I don't know what they'll do. Anybody else know what they'll do?

    Eva, you'll have to ship me out a cat or two to calm me down--and Phooey, stop zotting the insect brick-a-brack!

    Where's our Hikergal and Paget? I've given up on Magdalene and 7GenTexMom... Roxe, too, as she's never written in again, nor TexasTeaLady. There's nothing I can really do about that. I've tried all I can.

    Don't forget to feed your fish! Good morning, Surfie & Gloria--how are you feeling?

    1. I like brick-a-brack. May 7th? That's one day before your birthday!
      You just tell them the Phoo is watching with 9 other Potentially Hazardous Women. You will be just fine. Page just had that therapy... relax dear. (May I call you dear?.... Damn PC Crap!)

  4. Page and I went to Walmart today. She said behave... I did. Didn't tease anyone. Boring! Glad to be home.

  5. Froggy and Wog, so sorry you have to put up with jackhammer noise again. I'm going to have it here this Saturday. I live on the ground floor, and they're tearing up the parking lot to replace some water pipes.

    Froggy, have they given you any idea what kinds of things they want you to do at physical therapy? Please don't stress over it! You might wind up having a good time and meeting some wonderful people!

    It was hot and windy this week, which didn't help me in the allergy department. I think nearly everyone who lives here is suffering. It doesn't put me out of commission. Just gives me a sinus headache and makes me tired. Truly, I so want to be rid of the headache, sandpaper eyes, drippy nose, sneezing. This, too, shall pass!

    TGIF tomorrow!!! I've had another great week at work and love my job, but Friday is still so welcome. I've been tossing around plans for my weekend. What's everyone doing?

  6. I just lost my post... I typed and typed, and then I saw a post from Phooey and switched to Reply. Zip! Flash! Poof! Post was gone, never to be seen again.

    I tried to write from school, but couldn't find enough time between classes. Wanted to say that there is nothing like a Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to start the day. Makes me all Hoppy inside.

    Froggy is nervous about going to Physical therapy. She is afraid that it might cause more pain. I'll go with her. She'll be okay.
    Surfie, you sound pretty miserable. Believe it or not, Froggy couldn't be right on the ocean. In San Diego, we had an ocean hotel while we waited for our place to be fixed. Froggy sounded like you. Must be something in the fog and ocean salt and sand that was most disagreeable.

  7. Noise Noise Noise ..Froggy doesn't know where the noise is coming from this time. You Ponders will be the first to know.. they are tearing up the sidewalks that go around the block. Yes, they are using a jackhammer.

    They also need to hurry with that swimming pool. After they "jackhammered" all around the pool, they now have mud around the swimming pool! (Nice muddy rain puddles for little Woggys!) Summer comes and goes pretty fast in Seattle. So it's time to finish up the pool area!

  8. I'm here just been busy in the garden then when I finish with inside chores my hands are so crampy I don't want to type. Jenn leaves for 3 months TDY to the AZ border again in one week!! So lot's of things need laundry and hemming and taking in . She lost weight and the uni they wear there is not the one they wear here so I have to alter them a bit so she looks good and they fit the vest right and allow good gun draw ect..
    So remember her in your prayers again this summer as she guards our Southern border. I'll write more later

  9. Your border gal is always in my prayers, Hiker!

    Arrgghh! Jackhammer noise is just as bad as leaf blower noise!

    Poor Phooey! Not getting to tease anyone at WalMart is a wasted trip for sure.

    Gotta get up and go to the hairdresser tomorrow morning. The gray is coming in faster than ever it seems!

    Night all! Sleep well.