Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Morning, Fond Pogs!

Coffee for everyone!


  1. Froggy! I drank your coffee...now, I have Dyslexia! Fond Pogs!
    Where is my Moonshine?

  2. I'm going out to look for endorphins. See ya'll later :)

  3. I could use some of that moomshine... monshine ..moonshine .. today.
    Just took a test at school. Did okay. It's always a worry until you get it done.

    So far, today is uneventful. What is our famous, or is it "infamous" leader OB... up to today?

  4. From one Fond Pog to another... I don't drink coffe, so I'm going to pretend it is hot cocoa...Smiley Cocoa with marshmallows. It would be so tasty, and warm right now because it is cloudy and rain-ish ouside.

    Some days it's wonderful to be home with your favorite family in a nice warm home...snuggled in an over-sized robe, and curled upon the sofa. This is one of those days!

    Won't be doing much tonight. Will hop by the Pond before I go to bed.

  5. I haven't felt too good today--don't know, feel like I have a cold. 'Woggy, I AM your favorite family!!!!!! You'd better come home and snuggle up! I always miss you.

    Phoo, how are you doing--you never tell me...

    Eva, kiss all those boys!