Friday, April 27, 2012

Good Morning, Pond Friends!


  1. I like the shimmering cloud effect!
    Shabbat Shalom! Happy birthday Israel!

  2. Happy Birhtday Israel. Enjoy this splendid day.

    Froggy, thanks for the beautiful picture to sparkle up our day. We love you.
    Me, your sister, The Wog...loves you. You are the sweetest person.

    Is it really Friday? I'm doing a Happy-Hoppy-Hop-Hop dance today.
    First school class today was to search for things on the Internet. How hard it that? See everyone later in the day.

  3. Hello frog pond friends!

    Yes, Happy Birthday Israel!

    I hope all you ponders have a nice weekend. :) I've been away from here, but I try to read the posts every day or so.

    It's now my hubby's turn to work long hours the last couple of weeks. I didn't realize how much he did around here until I was stuck doing all the chores myself!

    Prayers for Bordergirl!

    I came home early today as I seem to have caught a bug. I guess I fit in fine with all the frogs, hmmm? ;)

    Froggy, I hope all the jackhammer noise, etc. ends soon. Do you have earphones, or something to block the noise? My daughter and SIL used to live in an apartment in an old renovated office building in downtown Anacortes, WA. It was fine if you weren't there during the day. That is when the whole building shook as huge ships were being built a few blocks away.

    Wog, I'm sure you'll ace the internet class! :)

    Phooey, I read your posts a few days ago, and you know how important you are to all of us and how much we love you!

    Take care everyone, and may God bless you all!

  4. Oh no, Paget, don't get sick! We've all been through the wringer this year with some super bug or another. I hope you don't have anything like that.

    Yes, Happy Birthday, Israel. You are a marvel of democracy and it's a shame after all these years you still have to fight for your right to be. Unfortunately, I think that will never change.

  5. Happy Birthday, Israel!

    Froggy, didn't you have physical therapy today? Were you able to go? How was it? I've been praying for you about this. Smooch!

    Wog, I totally agree that your sister is the sweetest thing. It's so nice to know how much you love each other. Bet you aced the internet search in class today, too!

    HG, BG remains on my prayer list. You must be so proud of her. Please tell her thank you from all of us.

    TGIF!!!!! Along with my usual weekend chores and errands, I'm going to a Farmer's Market tomorrow. I'm a big fan of supporting local, small farmers (and all local, small business). Then I'm treating myself to a new pair of shoes to wear with my suit so I'll look great at my son's college graduation on Mother's Day. The only thing I'm not going to like this weekend is paying bills and getting my car serviced tomorrow.

    Love to all my Pond friends!

  6. Played with potting soil again today. Now I'm tired and sweaty.
    Sweet dreams sweet peas.

  7. That you all for the lovely words! As for the noise, you kind of have to have a high tolerance for it even on the best of days.

    Paget don't you get sick--and don't be such a stranger!

    Phooey, whatcha planting?

    Surfie--Michael isn't already going to graduate now, is he? Wow! Time can go so quickly! I hope you have a wondeful time--you sure must be proud of him! When are his plans for grad school?

    Hikergal, whatsamatter with BG? And where's our Gloria?

    Eva, thank you for your kind works about Israel! I love you all so much for that. Theodore Herzl is one of my heroes.

    1. Froggy, my baby boy is going to graduate in May. May 12th is the campus-wide graduation. Sunday the 13th (Mother's Day) is the ceremony for his Philosophy Department. Then he leaves to teach English in South Korea for at least a year to teach English. His advisor told him if he has that experience, he's guaranteed acceptance into Berkeley's law school with a full scholarship.

      The thing is, he lives and breathes philosophy and thinks he might rather be a philosophy professor than a lawyer. He'll find out if he likes being a teacher when he's in Korea. If he decides to pursue the professor path, he can get his PhD at Berkeley in only 3 years.

      I asked if I will have to call him Dr. Mikey one day! He's young. Who knows where life will take him!

      Not bad for a homeschooled kid!