Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Morning, Ponders!


  1. Slow day at The Pond. I have been paddling in the puddle all by myself. Even Froggy hopped away somewhere.

    I watched the video (above) of Obama speaking "without his trusty teleprompter." No, he did not give an extemporaneous speech. He was reading from written notes. He says terrible things about religion and about our country being religious.

    Thank you, Froggy, for keeping us on top of the important news.

  2. Froggy's computer quit. Then mine wouldn't cooperate. So here's my story.

    I fixed our computers. It was one of those easy fixes. Always remember to check the hardware first. (I didn't) This happened a couple months ago.

    First I checked the phone. Dead phone! Then I knew what happened. Had to get on floor and crawl under a table. Found the modem, and unplugged and plugged back the power cord. This time I put a big fat note on the cord.

    Just can't fool a smart 'WOG.