Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh gad! We had a flood...

The water's rising!


  1. Long about 2 p.m., I was just about to post something as I talked to Her 'Wogness--she was trying to do her homework--and I heard this odd sound (you know Surfie how you listen for dripping water in an apartment). Gawdalmighty, we rushed into the bathroom and the bathroom had flooded, the place they had done pipework on 2-3 weeks ago had burst 2 floors above from 13 down to 8--we're on 11--and I was the first one in the building to catch it.

    Needless to say, all hell broke loose--'Woggy ran for maintenance, pipe workers crowded in here, plastic was laid in the hall--and they did a little dab with what covered our floor and ran for floor 13 where the water was 2 inches deep!

    Whew! We got off relatively lucky; it only covered our bathroom vanity, tub and floor, which is a small area. It smells like dirt in here--I guess the pipe channels got washed out. I feel sorry for maintenance; some people haven't got home yet to their mess. I think our whole leg of the 'H' shape of our wing flooded on 5 floors. I'm glad frogs can swim!

    1. "I'm glad frogs can swim!".... I soooooo love YOU!

    2. Perhaps it would be wise to get out the golashes.

      Froggy, go for the molasses. It is much easier on the digestive system. Iron tabs make my stomach hurt - I gave up on them. Val brought her iron level up with molasses while she was pregnant. It works.

  2. Phooey, I'm real glad frogs can swim too!

    Froggy heard the dripping into the tub. Then when we saw what happened, I threw some towels on the floor, and ran down the hall. Found workmen right away. We were lucky there were some on our floor.

    The next adventure of the day: I got in the elevator to go UP to another floor. I stepped out and the elevator stopped working. Why? Because the fire alarm went off and the elevator went down ..without me.

    I still had to clean up and mop up the bathroom once everything was fixed.
    Phew! I'm tired.

    1. Hey Wog what a great way to spend a day off! Water can make a huge mess in no time.

  3. What a day you two had! Good thing it was confined to a small space 'cause water damage can really be awful. The smell, too.

    Well, throw down a couple of lily pads and hop on!

    See you in the morning :)